Let's make an impact together!

Isolana Co. donates ten to twelve percent of its sales to non-profit organizations in the Philippines.

With every purchase, you help mobilize the environmental projects of our beneficiaries. You won't only get a beautiful piece of accessory, you'll also be their partner in saving our oceans.


    A non-profit organization called SIFCare is working to save them through a project called CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions) in La Union, which is a home to sea turtles during their hatching season between the months of September and March.


    Siargao Environmental Awareness (S.E.A.) Movement, Inc. is run by pro-active surfers of Siargao who love the ocean and the island, and aim for everyone to have the same love and passion to protect and preserve their home.


    Save Philippine Seas (SPS) is a non-profit organization made up of dedicated and passionate seatizens who aim to empower Filipinos towards making behavior changes that benefit mother earth, especially the ocean- the lifeblood of our planet.


    Plastic Free Bohol is a non-profit organization that facilitates beach clean-ups around the island and outreach programs to the local communities in Bohol. They are also active in spreading awareness about plastic pollution and sustainable living.

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