Isolana Co. x Plastic Free Bohol

Isolana Co. x Plastic Free Bohol

Isolana Co. is not only inspired by the ocean and the island life, but is a brand that also cares for the earth. We aim to do this by designing stylish and sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging, and through partnering with various charities and non-profit organizations around the Philippines that focus on creating a better life for all living things - humans, animals, the ocean, and all of nature. It is not just a business; it is also our way of giving back to mother earth. 

By purchasing a Sirena necklace from Isolana Co., you will not only be getting a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry, but you will also be supporting Plastic Free Bohol, our first chosen beneficiary.  

Plastic Free Bohol is a non-profit organization that facilitates beach clean-ups around the island and outreach programs to the local communities in Bohol. They are also very passionate towards spreading awareness about plastic pollution and how everyone can make changes in their lifestyle for the good of the environment.

According to National Geographic, “about 8 million tons of plastic waste escape into the oceans from coastal nations” every year and millions of animals, like fish and birds among many others, are killed by accidentally ingesting plastics. By the year 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Now more than ever, we need to put the spotlight on the factors that contribute to climate change, including plastic pollution, seeing as how this is affecting ALL of us.


As Isolana Co. will be giving Plastic Free Bohol 10% of the Sirena necklace sales, your purchase will definitely go a long way. It will help fund their clean-up drives, as well as help feed families that have been affected by the pandemic, through their food relief program.

Some may think these efforts are miniscule, but collectively, our small efforts and lifestyle changes can eventually create a huge impact on the world.

As of February 13, 2021, we have donated a total of P7,550.00 to Plastic Free Bohol. This amount comes from 10% of our sales from the first batch of Sirena necklaces, tips from customers, and our own donations as well. Thank you for your support! ♥


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