Isolana Co. x Project CURMA

Isolana Co. x Project CURMA

Did you know that nearly all species of sea turtle are now classified as endangered?

The Philippines is home to five species of sea turtle. Unfortunately, all of these species are classified as either vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. 

Because of man-made problems, such as poaching, habitat destruction, plastic pollution, accidentally getting caught in bycatch, as well as the impact of climate change on their nesting sites, the population of sea turtles have continued to decline throughout the years. It’s devastating to know this, but because of good-hearted people who care for the environment, there is hope for these beautiful sea creatures!

 SIFCare (Science of Identity Foundation) is an organization that has been working to save the sea turtles for years through a project called CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions).

The project is currently based in the town of La Union, which has been a home to sea turtles during their hatching season between the months of September and March. The group is very active in training volunteers to patrol the beaches for sea turtle eggs and nests. They walk along the coastlines early in the morning every day in search for these. The eggs found are transferred to the CURMA hatchery, where they will be protected and incubated until they hatch, and then are released into the ocean. During the release of the sea turtles, they are guided through the shore and into the sea.

This is what a lot of people look forward to- seeing young sea turtles find their way home. 

The organization and its volunteers have released more than 16,000 hatchlings since CURMA was founded back in 2009.


As Isolana Co. will be giving CURMA 10% of the Honu necklace sales, your purchase will definitely go a long way. It will help support their sea turtle conservation projects, as well as beach patrolling efforts and coastal clean ups, in the town of La Union.  

Let’s help save the turtles together!
 Find Project CURMA on Facebook, Instagram, and SIFCare's official website.