Isolana Co. x S.E.A. Movement

Isolana Co. x S.E.A. Movement

Siargao Environmental Awareness (S.E.A.) Movement, Inc. is run by pro-active surfers of Siargao who love the ocean and the island, and aim for everyone to have the same love and passion to protect and preserve their home.

Starting out as a simple beach cleanup activity with the local groms in 2015, S.E.A. Movement has grown to become a non-profit organization, which over the years, has expanded its roles varying from advocating for local ordinances that seek to reduce single-use plastics, to securing a seat in the Protected Area Management Board of the SIPLAS (Siargao Islands Protected Landscape and Seascape).

S.E.A. Movement is the only non-profit, non-governmental organization in Siargao that focuses on the environmental laws and management plans that protect the island, and gears its projects towards the enforcement of these laws.

Some of their past and current projects include waste management, environmental education, protected area management, and promoting sustainability.

When tourism boomed, Siargao experienced an increase in garbage as well. This is why the organization has worked hard to promote plastic-free movements, campaigning to stop the littering of cigarette butts, and do regular monitoring of the waste management of business establishments. In fact, S.E.A. Movement has also partnered up with Save Philippine Seas (our beneficiary for Moana and Caspian) to reduce P.E.T. bottle waste in the island through the Plastic Battle project.

As the organization strives for a community that is environmentally conscious, active, and united, in preserving the natural beauty and resources of Siargao, they believe that only an empowered, educated, and engaged community will stand up for the environmental rights of the island and its people.

With S.E.A Movement's goal of empowering the local community, they are funding the education of three scholars, two high school student and one college student. Aside from this, they hold workshops and film showings.

Also with their efforts towards protected area management, S.E.A. Movement launched VigilanS.E.A., which is a citizen-watch initiative seeking to keep the environment protected from businesses or activities that are in violation of environmental laws such as the Solid Waste Management Act, E-NIPAS Act, and SIPLAS Management Plan.

And of course, S.E.A. Movement has organized many clean up drives over the years involving the local kids (S.E.A. Patrols) and volunteers, both local and tourists. Since 2015, the group has formed three active volunteer groups in General Luna.

Although their projects were put on hold last year due to the pandemic and lack of manpower, the group is going to get the wheels in motion again this year.


As Isolana Co. will be giving S.E.A. Movement 12% of the Bayud necklace sales, your purchase will definitely go a long way. It will support their current and future projects geared towards preserving Siargao's natural resources and beauty of the island, which the local and the traveling community rely on for a simple, yet beautiful, life.

Find S.E.A. Movement on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

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